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Moving Checklist

Smoothly transition into your new home with ease! Moving can be a daunting task, but fret not! Stay organized every step of the way and let us help you conquer the chaos. Introducing the ultimate moving checklist from Paulista Moving – your key to a stress-free and seamless move!


Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to efficiency. Our meticulously crafted moving checklist will keep you on track, on schedule, and on budget. It covers everything you need to do weeks before your move, ensuring you don't miss a beat. Plus, we've included valuable links to essential resources, making your journey even smoother.


Ready to make your move? Look no further! Contact Paulista Moving Inc today for your complimentary, no-obligation quote. Let's turn your dream of a hassle-free relocation into a reality!








Make your move a breeze with these simple steps

1) Get personalized quotes from top-notch moving companies.

Each one offers unique services tailored to your needs. Reach out to All My Sons Moving & Storage for free date changes and refundable deposits.

2) Skip the hassle of gathering packing supplies.

All My Sons Moving & Storage has you covered with all the boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers you need. Or opt for a full-service moving experience and leave the packing to the pros.

3) Pack smartly by starting with items you rarely use.

Store away seasonal clothes and non-essential items. Don't worry about emptying your dressers; our team will handle them as is.

4) Give back and lighten your load by donating unwanted items.

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and Salvation Army gladly accept donations and may even qualify you for a tax deduction.


Simplify your move and enjoy a stress-free transition. Contact All My Sons Moving & Storage now to get started!




Make moving a team effort and involve the whole family!

✓ Secure your children's future by researching and enrolling them in their new school.
✓ Have open discussions with your kids about the exciting move ahead.
✓ Share the load and delegate tasks among family members for a smooth transition.

Don't forget to notify everyone and every agency!

✓ Officially change your address with the trusted United States Postal Service.
✓ Update your information with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
✓ Inform utility providers (electric, water/sewer, trash) to ensure uninterrupted services.
✓ Notify phone/internet/cable providers for a seamless connection.
✓ Update your bank, credit card, and insurance providers (home, auto, medical) with your new address.
✓ Inform your medical providers, including doctors, dentists, specialists, and pharmacies.
✓ Don't miss subscription services, online shopping sites, your employer, current landlord, and loved ones.

Make your move a breeze by keeping everyone in the loop! Together, let's embark on this exciting new chapter!"


Streamline your move by letting go of the unnecessary!

1) Consider a garage sale: Embrace the opportunity to declutter and make room for new treasures. Host a garage sale that matches your unwanted items with eager buyers in your community. Spread the word through neighborhood signs and social media for a successful turnout. Remember, accept reasonable offers and make some money while lightening your load.

2) Sell gently-used items online: Expand your reach and profit by utilizing platforms like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and eBay. Easily ship items that are lightweight and affordable to send, ensuring a smooth selling experience.

3) Dispose of household chemicals: Safely handle any hazardous substances by properly disposing of household chemicals. Ensure a clean and eco-friendly transition to your new home.

4) Plan for perishable food: Consume or appropriately dispose of perishable food items, keeping a few snacks aside for moving day. Minimize waste and enjoy a fresh start in your new space.

5) Remove items from walls: Take down decorations and personal items from walls, ensuring a blank canvas for your new home.

6) Pack seasonal clothes: Streamline your packing process by stowing away clothes that are out of season. Optimize space and keep your wardrobe organized.

Make your move lighter, simpler, and more efficient. Say goodbye to unnecessary belongings and hello to a fresh start!

Take charge of your move with these essential tasks

1) Pack and label with precision: Get the whole family involved and make it a fun activity! Grab a marker and clearly label each box with the designated room in your new home. This simple step ensures that your moving company knows exactly where to place them, saving you from extra hassle.

2) Consider additional packing services: If the thought of packing boxes overwhelms you, fear not! Opt for the convenience of a full-service moving company like Paulista Moving. Our expert team can handle all or part of the packing process according to your preferences. Just let us know your requirements, and we'll take care of it with utmost care.

3) Pack a suitcase with essentials: Don't forget to plan for the immediate days after your move! Pack a suitcase as if you were going on vacation, including 5 to 7 days' worth of clothes and essential items. This way, you'll have easy access to your essentials without rummaging through boxes. It also ensures you're prepared for any unexpected delays or mishaps during the transition.


Stay organized and prepared for a smooth move. Let's make your journey to the new home an enjoyable one!

Wrap up your move with these final tasks

1) Return library books: Bid farewell to your local library by returning any borrowed books. Avoid fines or penalties by settling your accounts and expressing gratitude to the librarians who served you.

2) Arrange pet care on a moving day: Pets deserve special attention during the move. Plan for a family member or friend to look after them on moving day, ensuring their safety and reducing your stress.

3) Prepare cash for movers' tips: Show appreciation for your hardworking moving professionals by tipping them at the end of the day. Keep at least $20 in cash per mover on hand, acknowledging their dedicated service. Generosity is always welcome for larger jobs that warrant extra recognition.

4) Book origin/destination hotels if needed: If your move-out and move-in days differ or if you prefer not to stay in an empty home, secure comfortable accommodations. Booking affordable hotels for the day before and the day of your move ensures a cozy and furnished space during the transition.

5) Find new homes for live plants: Moving companies often cannot transport them, so seek loving homes. Check with neighbors or friends who may be interested in adopting your leafy companions.

On Moving Day:

6) Take inventory of boxes and items: Maintain your own list of packed items alongside the one provided by your moving company. This serves as a reference and reassurance that everything is accounted for.

7) Keep snacks and water handy: Moving can be hectic, leaving little time for proper meals. Have a stash of snacks and beverages available to sustain your energy throughout the day. Don't forget to offer some refreshments to your moving team!

8) Conduct a final walkthrough of the house: Before bidding farewell to your old home, ensure nothing is left behind. Have everyone involved do a thorough check to guarantee a clean and complete departure.

9) Take time to relax and enjoy your new home: Celebrate your successful move by taking a moment to relax and appreciate your new surroundings. Unpacking can wait. Treasure this milestone and express gratitude to your moving team for their crucial role in making it happen.


Congratulations on your new home! Embrace the joy of a fresh start and savor the excitement of this transformative experience. Thank you for trusting us with your move!


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Our friendly moving specialists can answer everything about preparing for your move and making it happen stress-free.
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